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Sri Lanka is blessed with all year around surfing conditions. This has resulted in a growing surfing culture thanks to surf tourism. In the process, there are a few surf clubs in Sri Lanka that are formed or in the process of being formed. The following are a few, 


Arugam bay Surf club

Arugam bay Surf Club (A Bay Surf Club)

Arugam bay is the east coast’s most traveller-friendly destination. It’s basically a single laid-back strip of beach accommodation, following the Panama road and backed by the Muslim village of Sinna Ulla.

Arugam bay surf club is the only official surf club in Arugam bay. It's also the most active surf club out of all the surf clubs in Sri Lanka. Arugam bay surf club is chaired by Krishantha Ariyasena (Krish), and there are currently more than 30 members in the surf club. 

Arugam bay surf club is also the chief event organiser in Arugam bay. They have pioneered in coast wise contests with Redbull Ride My Wave competition, which is aimed at two main surfing coasts battlling it out to see who is the best. This is also the only annual local surfing competition.  

Madiha Surf Club

Madiha Surf Club is an active surf club in Sri Lanka, located in Matara. The surf club is centered around Turtle point, which 
is a consistent reef break in south of Sri Lanka. 

Madiha Surf Club has 10 members at the moment, chaired by Sathis Rathnayaka who is a life guard in Dubai at the moment. The founder is 
Priyal Kiramage who is also the founder of Surf Team Sri Lanka.  Many members of the club come from the villagae itself, but 
few enthusiastic surfers from the neighbourhood villages became members as well. 

There is a surf competition among the club members annually. This is part of the whole Sri Lankan New Year celebration in Madiha, which happens 
in the mid weeks of April, just before the waves call it a day for the south coast. 

Madiha is a quite village in the city of Matara. The main source of income for the majority of people in Madiha is ornamental fishing 
and tourism. Madiha is a Surfing in Madiha really started to take off after the Tsunami disaster in 2004, after which many NGOs types used to come to 
Madiha, not only for surfing, but enjoy the serene Madiha beach. Many foreign investors and retired bought land around Madiha 
to settle themselves in Sri Lanka. At the moment, you can see the whole beach strip of Madiha has villas, and private residences 
and many in the process of coming up.



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