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Main Surfing Points of Arugam Bay

Most of the surf breaks in Arugam bay are all located within 20 – 30 mins of the town. This collection of unique and natural surfing points is indeed a crowd puller, as surfers can pretty much surf in a new point, each day of the week! The fact that so many points exist, is down to the determination, passion and dedication of the true surfing tribe that continues to haunt these east coast waters.

During the civil conflict, access to these, often remote points, were limited at best. During the late 90’s, the Southern part of the East coast became less affected by the conflict, making the discovery and access to these points, much easier. The presence of Naval camps and bases, all along this part of East coast, implies how important this area is to the island’s security.

Komari – Lighthouse Point/ Green Point

How to get there

Travel North from Pottuvil along the A4 passing Urani lagoon to your right, until you came to the Komari twin board. From here ask directions to the lighthouse, the point is located just there.

The Light House (T: 077-317-9594) is an organic farm and guesthouse located directly in front and offers comfortable accommodation.

Further North in Manachenai and Sangaman Kanda are said to be surf points, ask for directions and enjoy with care.

This surfing point is located along the coast of the Komari village, some ten kilometers North to Pottuvil. This beautiful beach/point is yet to see a peak in its popularity, but is nevertheless frequented by a handful of surfers. The beach stretch prior to the lighthouse is pristine and inviting. The drive to reach this point is also supremely beautiful with unending swathes of paddy fields of either side.

The name ‘Komari’ is said to have been bestowed upon this place after a strange incident when the King of Ruhuna, Kavantissa, who was searching for his princess, asking everyone ‘ko kumari’ or ‘where is my princess?’ lending itself how this name (Komarigama) came about.

Whisky Point

How to get there

Travel North from Pottuvil along the A4 and at the Urani Lagoon Bridge make a right turn towards the coast. Follow this dirt road and some two kilometres later you will arrive at Sababa. The Whiskey Surfing Point is just in front, on the right. Ask for directions if you get lost, this is a very popular place.

Whiskey Point came into popularity less than five years ago. Today this is probably the most frequented surf point, after the Arugam Bay Main Point. Whiskey point is set on a wide beach with a set of boulders at its bend, providing ideal conditions for surfers of all abilities.

Sababa, is a bar and café that offers a place to laze the day, chill out or simply sit back and observe other surfers in the water. This two tiered venue also hosts beach parties, during the season, each Friday night, with music and dancing till dawn. A lagoon tour service also operates beside the Urani Lagoon Bridge and especially closer to sunset is an amazing experience with plenty of bird and other wildlife on display.

Pottuvil Point

How to get there

From Pottuvil town, take the road adjoining the Base Hospital and ask for directions. Basically you have to get to the coast line and then travel along the sand dunes for some two kilometers until you reach this point, where beached fishing boats can be seen.

This point is popular with surfers for its unique setting and location. A long deserted sandy beach ends with a large set of boulders that make it seem somewhat like a Martian landscape, especially in the late evenings.

Madame’s Slap – Stardust Point

How to get there

As you pass the main Arugam Bay Bridge, take the access road that leads to the Stardust Hotel and the point is just there.

This Surf point is located close to the famous Stardust Hotel and is near the very start of the A’Bay Strip.

Baby Point

How to get there

At the very end of the A’Bay Strip make a left along the beach Road and then head to the right following the beach till you are in front of Mambos, the point is just there.

This point is located right opposite the famous Mambos and is said to be more suited for beginners with waves of different heights catering all abilities. As this area also draws a lot of swimming public, always be on the lookout for people in the sea when surfing.

Main Point

How to get there

The Arugam Bay Main Point is located around 500 meters past the Baby Point. It is easily found, from the town, simply hit the beach and follow the coast till you see Upali’s Café on your right.

Undoubtedly the cynosure of the Arugam Bay surfing scene, the Main Point is the busiest of all the points. This is because it offers some of the waves and tubes that have all contributed in making it one of the ’10 best places to surf in the world.’ The point can be described as a fantastically easy-to-surf, right-hand wave, breaking over a fairly soft reef at the headland in front of Arugam Bay.

The rush for the Main Point begins on little after dawn, when around 5. 30 hrs, surfers of all ages, shapes, sexes and colours can be seen trudging along the beach with their boards tucked under the shoulder.

Surfing occurs pretty much all the day, with crowds peaking during early morning and late evenings. Many surfers will have a friend or partner film their rides and Upali’s Surf Café, located right in front of the Main Point is the best place to relax and hang out, in this regard.

This café is well suited for the needs of surfers, with everything from snacks and drinks, to lounge beds, sun beds and comfy hammocks. Upali’s is run by Asanka, the reigning local Surf Champion.

Cobra Point

How to get there

To get to Cobra Point, walk past the Arugam Bay Main Point for some 500 metres along the Pasarichenai beach stretch, till you see a group of rocks curving inland, the Point is just there.

This Point is relative new one and takes its name from the powerful waves that are apparently in the shape of a cobra’s head, ready to strike.

Crocodile Rock

How to get there

When travelling towards Panama from Arugam Bay along the B374, some two kilometers along, make a left turn onto the Kudakalliya Road. Arrive at the very bottom of that road and Crocodile Rock is just ahead along the coast. A ten minute walk passing the lagoon to your right will bring you to this point; Climb the rock for impressive views of the beach and surrounding paddy lands.

According to some, the long elongated ‘snout’ shape of this natural rock gives it its name; but in reality, the name is derived from the mugger crocodiles that access this area via the adjacent Heda Oya Lagoon. You will be lucky to spot a crocodile, especially given their shy nature, however no need to panic as they just want to bask in the sun, atop this rock.

Elephant Rock

How to get there

As you travel along the B374 Pottuvil – Panama Road make a left turn at the Sastrawela/ STF Junction and follow the road for a kilometer, before taking the right fork that leads directly to the base of Elephant Rock. Climb the Rock from the rear and you will be able to reach the top where there is a cave ledge, ideal for relaxing. The surf point is accessed by climbing over the rock or crossing the lagoon to reach the beach. A lagoon tour is also on offer here. A 20 minute walk south, along the coast, from Crocodile Rock, will also bring you to this point.

When looking from far, this large rock is said to appear in the shape of a proud elephant, but in reality the rock gets its name from the wild elephants that visit each morning and evening. The view from the top is of a beautiful natural coastline, engulfed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Peanut Farm

How to get there

As you travel along the B374 Pottuvil – Panama Road, some eight kilometres past Arugam Bay, you will see a Naval checkpoint to your left and the turn off for the Radella Tank to your right. Next to the checkpoint is an open flat plain.

The access track to Peanut farm is located midway along the plain, unmistakable by its tyre tracks. Once on the track, it follows a circular trail across the plain, before entering a jungle patch. Follow the track till you reach a ‘T junction’ with a Navy camp entrance to your right and peanut farm to your left. To get to the surfing point, cut across the abandoned huts and head to the beach, the Point is on your right.

This is one of the very first ‘underground’ old secret surfing points in Arugam Bay. It takes its name from the numerous peanut trees that were farmed on property in the past. During the early 2000’s the owner setup some tree houses and huts and used to play host to die-hard surfers who preferred to stay at Peanut Farm in order to make most of their surfing holiday.

During the 2011/12 period, Peanut farm was taken over by the Navy who have started some modern constructions on the property, said to include a President’s House and resort for Naval officers. Today, sadly the tree huts are no longer used, but the sheer natural beauty of the location and the excellent surf keep the crowds coming. The Sri Lanka Navy runs a small stall serving refreshments here.

The Point extends to the right, passing the lagoon mouth and finishes by a set of boulders perched at the very corner. For those who don’t surf on curious onlookers, climbing the rock is a perfect way to catch the action below.

Panama Point

How to get there

Panama Point is located at the extreme end of the B374 Pottuvil – Panama Road. After you pass the Panama town, keep going straight and the road will narrow, passing a poignant cemetery along the way (mostly young soldiers who perished in the civil conflict). Follow the road for some two kilometers as it leads directly to the beach and Navy checkpoint. En route if you have a 4WD, the inviting sand dunes might tempt you, just like in Dubai!

This remote point is set against a backdrop of large boulders. Given its distance, it is irregularly frequented by surfers of all abilities. Climb the various rocks to get better views. From this point onwards, the coast joins the Yala National Park, off limits to surfers!

Panagala Point

How to get there

Midway from the center of Panama town make a right and follow that road for half a kilometer before making a right onto a dirt access road that leads to the B355 Panama – Kumbukkana Road.

Halfway down this road make a left turn and follow the road, bearing right until you reach an electrified elephant fence. Follow the dirt path along the elephant fence till you hit the coast. The point is just there to your right. Can be tricky to find.

This is a newly discovered surf point as of 2014 was just emerging into the scene. In anticipation of this point’s future popularity, a private surf shack/café is just beginning to open and visitors must cut across this property to access the beach.

Okanda Point

How to get there

Travel to Okanda Temple and from there, access the beach. The surf point is to your right some 200 meters along the cost.

This is another remote point, given its distance making it rarely visited. The point is highlighted by a large flat slab rock, with a crevice in the middle that attracts and spews out water, like a blow hole. A Long untouched stretch of beach is complemented by a lagoon, just beyond the sand dunes, from here; enjoy excellent views of the sunrise to the left and sunset to the right.

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