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Peanut Farm Surf Location is another epic break south of Arugam bay. Years ago actual peanuts are believed to have grown here but now only the name remains (Tsunami effect in 2004). Peanut Farm is a great unspoilt location with only one guest house made of Tree houses around the corner. Few locals surf Peanut Farm too. Peanut Farm is a very chilled out place to party away from the main stream guest houses in the main land. On your way to Peanut farm, the only sounds you would hear is elephant’s roar, and unseen surf breaking and makes you want to hurry your feet. Peanut Farm is a 7-800m battle through the trails if you go by walk or you can hire a tuk-tuk. It’s a good idea to make Peanut Farm Surfing a full day trip. Surf the close by Pottuvil point in the morning, camp and have snacks, take a stroll to Peanut Farm, and surf in the evening. You might need extra sunscreen because during the mid day, temperature will start to bake you.

Peanut Farm Surf Break Facts and Figures

Surf spot quality

Wave quality – Regional Classic
Experience – All levels
Frequency – Regular


Distance – 9 hrs from the main airport
Public access – Yes


Type – Point break

Direction – Right
Bottom – Sands
Power – Low
Good day length – 300m


Rock – Yes
Urchins – No
Localism – No

Forecast – Click here

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