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The Light House in Komari is located 15 km north of Arugam Bay.Light House Beach Surf Location is a right hand point break located in Komari close to Green room. It’s one of the secret surf spots now gaining popularity among the crowd coming to the mainland of Arugam bay. The point is named after a destroyed light house in the era of war. The ruins of it are still visible in the vicinity. There are a couple of peaceful accommodation options around Light house beach to stay. It’s worth staying here for 1 or 2 nights if you’re holidaying in Arugam bay for more than 2 weeks.

Whiskey point and Pottuvil points are located close by in case Light house beach is not working. Keep in mind that this is not a consistent surf break. It’s gets very late of the season (July) for this break to start working, unlike Whiskey point which is the most consistent point in Arugam bay.

Light House Beach Facts and Figures

Surf spot quality

Wave quality – Regional Classic
Experience – Intermediate & Advanced
Frequency – Low


Distance – 7 hrs from the main airport
Public access – Yes


Type – Point break

Direction – Right
Bottom – Sand
Power – Medium
Good day length – 250m


Rock – Yes
Urchins – No
Localism – No

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